Here’s a little presentation we recently did regarding everything you need to know to run a successful Blog site. It gives some general information about setting up, running, maintaining, and updating a Blog of your own. We will present these lessons in several parts.

Part One

What Can You Expect From Your Blog?

First of all, blogs have the power to earn money and there is so much more to earning an income through blogging than just slapping up a few ads! I’ll be talking about lots of different ways to monetize your blog. 99% of the revenue that I have generated in the last year (many thousands of dollars) has come either directly from the blog or from a product that was launched via the blog. Make no mistake – blogs can earn you a decent income! And don’t think you have to have a gigantic readership either. My Internet marketing blog has a few hundred readers which is good but nowhere near the numbers of some of the mega-bloggers out there yet it still makes me a very good income.

When you combine blogging with social media you develop the power of branding. Whether you simply want to brand yourself as a person or you’re branding a product or company name, blogs built with social media in mind can put you ‘out there’ like no other medium. People begin to see you everywhere, recognize your face, they begin searching for you in search engines. In short, blogs can make you quite famous in your little corner of the Internet and if you
happen to be promoting your products or services, this can become quite profitable.

In order to build a successful blog you will need to learn how to drive traffic to it and make it popular as a blog with no traffic is not going to make you much money. However there is another side effect of building a popular blog… as your blog begins to gain authority in the eyes of Google it becomes a powerful asset in itself and can then be used to launch other websites with a helping hand. Once you’ve built your first big blog it becomes easier to develop other Internet properties.

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